Se Kunst i Nord-Norge (SKINN) is a network-based, regional art dissemination institution, grounded in Norwegian cultural policy to reach out and make art and culture accessible to as many of the population as possible.

SKINN’s administration has a staff of four and is based in Bodø.

  • SKINN is organised as a voluntary membership organisation with
    the annual meeting as its highest governing body.

  • SKINN’s board has three representatives, one from each of the counties of Nordland,
    Troms and Finnmark in Northern Norway. The organisation is managed by a Board of Directors between annual meetings.

  • SKINN’s members are art associations and other organisations and bodies
    which in a similar manner disseminate art throughout the northern region.

  • SKINN’s network of organisers consists of local exhibition and hosting venues represented
    through the membership network, which has 49 members drawn from 39 municipalities (2011).

  • SKINN is part of Kunstnett Nord-Norge (Art Network of Northern Norway) and has a long history
    of collaborating with the art community and other stakeholders responsible for the entire region.

  • SKINN is a partner to the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design for the coordination
    and dissemination of their exhibition productions in Northern Norway.  

  • SKINN is incorporated in Den nordnorske kulturavtalen (The Cultural Agreement for Northern Norway)
    and its operations are funded by government and county grants.

SKINN’s mission “to organise and promote art dissemination in Northern Norway”
is realised through the following areas of activity:

1. Organisational development
2. Exhibition production and touring
3. Dissemination and education
4. Knowledge and competence
5. Communication
6. Networks  
7. Art and cultural policy

In 2012, SKINN toured exhibitions to 28 regional venues, which drew approximately 16,000 visitors.

SKINN’s member network / venue network


Telefon: 75 50 66 20
Postboks 541, 8001 Bodø
Kontoradresse: Storgata 13/15,
Mediegården, 2. etg, 8006 Bodø
E-post: post@sekunst.no

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